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Launching Hue Night Walking Streets

Launching Hue Night Walking Streets

Hue night walking street

The corner inside night walking streets

Hue Night Walking Streets such as Chu Van An – Vo Thi Sau – Pham Ngu Lao: Promise to be the attractive tourist products for Hue city, Vietnam.

Travelers complain Hue is boring and limited night activities in the center of Hue city. The tourist often kills their time at the bar until midnight nowhere else to walk to chatting or just sit down on the pavement drinking something and chanting with their friends. Dreaming for many years, Hue People and Hue Government have been trying to launch Hue Night Walking Streets on Sep 29th, 2017.

Vo Thi Sau night walking street, Hue city, Vietnam

The space of the Hue Night Walking Streets includes Pham Ngu Lao Street, Chu Van An Street and Vo Thi Sau street. (From Doi Cung Street intersection to Chu Van An street) The event will be held on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekends from 18:00 to 2:00 am starting on Sep 29th, 2017.

Hue city by night


At the same time, the parking area for Hue Walking Streets will be organized at some places nearby such as Boat Toa Kham Boat Station, parking on Nguyen Cong Tru street, line on Do Cung and Nguyen Thai Hoc street, research parking plan in the area near the Hue Liberty Stadium, also you can park your transport at Century Hotel or Huong Giang Hotel.

Hue Night Walking Streets will be a good chance for travelers to explore the area with bars and restaurants feel safer and convenience in walking. There will be more street foods stall, souvenir shops on Hue Walking Streets area for tourist to try Hue Cuisines and buy unique souvenirs up to your interest.

It is not only for walking, you can drink, taste Hue Local foods, making new friends, you also can selfie your best Hue photos at Hue Night Walking Street. Let make appoint with your partner now to follow Hue launching new night walking street on Sep 29th, 2017.

Let book Hue Private Car for joining the most attractive and funny place which upcoming hold in Hue city.

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