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Cuisine sapa, forest mountain flavor

Cuisine sapa, forest mountain flavor

Sapa tourism is not only famous for its natural landscape of mountains and forests. But also to mention sapa cuisine with unique dishes, bearing the flavor of the northwestern mountains.

What sapa cuisine is special

Each ethnic group in Sapa brings unique cultural beauty and unique human values. Sapa has impressed visitors with a simple sapa culinary culture that is extremely delicate and attractive. The list of sapa cuisine is still very much. Should only introduce the dishes that many customers love.

Salmon, sturgeon

salmon sturgeon, sapa cuisine

Sapa cuisine, salmon sashimi

Salmon and sturgeon live in the North Coast of Europe, America but can also live in a highland district like Sapa. The habitat varies so the fish flavor here is different from that of salmon and sturgeon elsewhere. In Sapa salmon, sturgeon people often make hot pot, sliced thinly to make sashimi or baked. With a unique flavor, you should try once when coming to sapa

Pig carried under arm

Pig carried under arm, sapa cuisine

Pig carried under arm

This is a native breed of pigs raised by free grazing. Sometimes people take a pig and bring it under their arms, then bring it to the market. So it is called pig carried under arm. A pig under the mature arm weighs only 4-5 kg. Pigs are cleaned, marinated, and then baked. Thin pieces of meat, from outside to inside, Only one layer of skin, then a layer of lean, soft meat, not more than 2 cm thick; and the innermost is the bone, usually very small and soft, can be eaten if it is not a bone tube.


Grilled, Sapa cuisine

Sapa cuisine Grilled

Because of the cold climate, in Sapa, everything is brought to grill. From chicken eggs, duck eggs, skewers, meat-covered vegetables, green rice, chicken wings to corn, potatoes and many special dishes, made by Sa Pa people themselves. In the evening, the barbecue area near Sapa Stone Church attracts the most tourists because of the warm space and delicious food suitable for the cold weather of the mountain city.

Stream fish

stream fish, sapa cuisine

Grill stream fish

Stream fish as a gift that nature bestows on the land at a height of over 2000m. So this is considered a famous specialty of Sapa, is a certain tourist dish to enjoy in Sapa tour.

There are many fish species hidden in streams such as goby, flowerfish … Stream fish usually not as big as farmed fish, is usually only 2-3 finger. This fish is usually green, black like the color of moss to easily camouflage under the stream. Especially, this fish has no fishy taste.

Perhaps because of eating only larvae, mosquitoes … under the stream, this fish has very fragrant meat. The taste is also different from that of fish in ponds and lakes. That is the characteristic of this fish that anyone who has ever eaten will never forget its aftertaste.


Mushroom, sapa cuisine

Sapa mushroom

Sapa mushroom is about the same as other types of mushrooms but in taste, those who have enjoyed it once will not forget this special taste.

Shiitake has many uses such as: help lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots, reduce cholesterol, reduce obesity, treat arthritis, reduce urinary albumin to increase interferon, prevent aging, prevent cancer, treat blackhead. In addition, saffron mushroom also has a high fiber content, helps inhibit the fermentation and synthesis of glucose of the cell nucleus, thereby helping to absorb glucose and stabilize blood sugar in diabetics.


Baked mushrooms, sapa cuisine

Baked mushrooms

Shiitake is not only a specialty of northwestern mountains but also a very good functional food for health

Chicken black sapa

black chicken, sapa cuisine

Grilled black chicken with honey

Evil chicken, also known as Sapa black chicken, is naturally grazed, so the meat is firm and very delicious. Each evil chicken weighs just over 1kg, has a slightly black skin so many people call it black chicken. Just like the stinking boiled chicken pig is also a specialty of Sapa. Chicken can be processed into a variety of dishes, however, if the chicken is marinated with honey and then baked under charcoal, then the chicken is served with lemon salt, mint leaves are the best.

Studies have shown that black chickens not only have the effect of increasing “make love” but also valuable medicinal properties especially in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

If traveling to Sapa without enjoying this dish, you don’t have a perfect Sapa trip yet!

Sapa cuisine “Thắng Cố”

Thắng cố, sapa cuisine

Thắng cố

For ethnic people, “Thang Co” main material is usually buffaloes, cows, pigs … “Thang Co” is cooked with 27 different spices such as cinnamon, anise, cardamom, aromatic leaves .. Forest vegetables are the second major ingredient of “Thang Co”. It is difficult to describe the special, sweet, rich and fragrant flavor of this specialty. There is nothing interesting by sitting next to “Thang Co” and sipping a cup of corn wine, feeling warmer in the cold, windy mountain air.

The famous “Thang Co” restaurant in Sapa is “Thang Co Ma Le”, specializing in “Thang Co” horse or A Quynh restaurant: 015 Thach Son, Sapa.

Smoked meat

Smoked meat, sapa cuisine

Buffalo meat hangs on a smoked kitchen

Smoked meat in Sapa is buffalo, cow or pig released freely on the slopes, hillsides. When processing, people smoke meat from charcoal that is burned from trees growing on the rocky mountains. People who enjoy this specialty for the first time will feel a bit uncomfortable because of the dark taste of smoke that haunts for a long time. But when the piece of meat has drifted down to the throat, the sweetness is deposited in the tip of the tongue, causing diners to fall in love.

These restaurants are famous by sapa cuisine

Anh Dung Restaurant. Address: No. 69 Bau Xuan, Sapa town – Phone: (020) 3871024

Restaurant on the cloud. Address: No. 031 Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town – Phone: 0203 872 606

A Quynh Restaurant. Address: No. 015, Thach Son Street, Sapa Town – Phone: 0203 871 555

Xuan Vien Restaurant. Address: 08 Xuan Vien, Sapa town – Phone: 0203 875 888

Quynh Anh Restaurant. Address: Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town – Phone: 020 3872630

Hoa Sua Restaurant. Address: Group 10, Duong Bac Bac, Sapa Town – Phone: 0203 871766

Delta town Sapa. Address: Hai Yen, Số 99, Van Thanh Street, Pho Pho Moi, Lao Cai City – Phone: 0203 835288

Pho restaurant. Address: SAPA Shopping Center – located opposite Duong Duong Vinh Nghiem or Huy Hoang Media Center looking over the street.

Natural restaurant. Address: 24 Cau May May, Sapa Town – Phone: 0203 871 438.

When you arrive in Sapa, remember to bring an empty stomach to enjoy all sapa cuisine!

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